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Posted: Sunday, July 23, 2017 2:50 PM

Warren County Fair
1400 W 2nd Ave, Indianola, IA 50125

July 28th and July 29th,
3 hours in costume, 6 - 8 hrs on site,
Must be available all day as times may vary and won't be declared until day of event.

Pay_ $100 a day for 3 hrs in costume

Hiring Attributes_
Above all you must physically be able to wear and operate the costumes, as well as attend for each day and set you are contracted. This means being able to carry the costume's weight even in sometimes undesirable temperatures for the duration of the event.

We do a lot of family and children based events. You must be good with kids and drug and alcohol free while on the job. Background in any performance art is not necessary but a plus as we try to give the costumes as much character as possible. No undesirable language while in costume or on site. No history of felonies will be allowed.

There isn't any formal education or training required for this job. We are more interested in someone that can present themselves professionally and represent our company as friendly, reliable, and hard working. You must have a cell phone and reliable form of transportation.

How to Apply_
Read this entire post and text a detailed description of yourself, include your age, height, and weight, as well as any other applicable experience. Applications sent any other method will be ignored. We will text back to accepted candidates a few days before the event, apologies for not responding back to everyone as we can get quite a large volume of responses.

Company Description_
Robots And Cars Entertainment Inc. Owner: Drew Beaumier, Bookings Manager: Jane Rooney. Robocars Entertainment is a costume services company that performs at large public events. We are a fairly new company with most tasks done in house including designing and building inventory, events booking, and providing operators for our costumes.

Job Description_
Wear custom costumes for pubic events, most commonly the fairgrounds. In this industry we are referred to as a walking, appearance, or "strolling" act. Operate and demonstrate our costumes and their functions for crowds of patrons greeting them with high fives while taking pictures and selfies. Be friendly and engage with kids and their parents.

You are responsible for learning how to apply and remove a Robocar without causing damage. You are also responsible for learning how to operate the device safely and properly so as not to harm yourself or guests. You are responsible for keeping yourself hydrated and maintaining an acceptable daily hygiene.

Contracts may be issued years or months in advance. Operators must confirm for events 30 days at minimum prior to the event or the contract will go to the next available operator.

Physical Requirements_
Costumes are designed around a physical stature of 5'11" / 165 lbs. Height is generally not an issue, however you will fit more comfortably if you are shorter than 6'3" or taller than 5'8". Weight must not exceed more than 190 lbs.

Operators must be in moderate to good physical condition in order to fit inside and operate costumes. The average weight of each costume is 50 lbs across the body, or approximately 30 lbs. on the shoulders and back, 7.5 lbs. on each leg, and 5 lbs. on helmet.

Changing the form of the costume requires the physical equivalent of a squat thrust plus the additional weight. The skill level in order to operate the costume is comparable to learning to ride a bicycle.

Compensation is $100.00 U.S.D. per 3 hours a day in costume. Operators may be compensated for travel days.

Travel days pay half rate or $50.00 U.S.D. A travel day will be awarded when travel cannot be completed on the same day as contracted for a performance. A full travel day is awarded when travel exceeds more than 6 hours in a day to travel. Two travel days will be awarded when travel exceeds more than can be completed in a single day.

Payment is made in full in the form of a personal business check on the last day of each event. If you are ill or unable to perform on a given day you will not be paid for that day. In extremely rare circumstances the event may be canceled for the day in which we are still compensated and you will be paid for that day. Only the client is able to make this decision.

All hotel and travel costs are covered by R.A.C.E. You are responsible for providing your own food. Any damage done to the hotel or on event grounds, or loss of costumes or accessories will result in a direct deduction from payment.

Any employee that is paid more than $600.00 U.S.D. a year will be a W-9 contractor employee and will receive a 1099 at the end of the year. You are responsible for having your own health insurance.

Location, duration, and total amount of compensation for labor will be discussed and calculated in full before contracted for each venue.

Time In Costume_
Typically, we are in costume three hours per day broken up into three, one hour sets with a one hour break between sets. The venue may request hours to be mixed between days, such as two hours per day in costume and four hours the next day. Generally in a consecutive seven day work week, hours will not accumulate more than twenty one hours or an average of three hours per day.

Time On Site_
We are generally on site six to eight hours per day. New operators might need more time to rest in-between sets, or clients may want to stretch the sets further across the day resulting in more time on site.

On the first day of the event we will arrive a few hours earlier on site so that we can make contact with the employer, unload costumes, and retrieve all necessary tickets and passes that may be required for the run. We will also be given a brief orientation on the layout of the venue grounds and intended schedule for performance.

Pros to Job_
First, this is a one of a kind experience. Many people are interested to own and operate the costumes themselves, which can be quite fun when driven properly. It is a great core workout. You are only physically working 3 hours a day with usually less than 8 hours on site. The events are mainly outside so we work in the fresh air and not an office. You have plenty of downtime to relax or pursue other activities.

Most of our clients are fairs which are some of the nicest and relaxed people we have ever worked with. You will have free admission to the the venue and be able to enjoy it on breaks and after performing.

Most of our customers are kids that are excited to see you and what the costume can do. We cater events all over the U.S., and occasionally internationally, so there is plenty of travel. R.A.C.E covers all hotels and travel expenses. This is a very simple job with good pay and low stress. It is a great opportunity for the right people.

Cons to Job_
Most venues are outside in the sun with summer temperatures that can sometimes reach triple digits. The base layer of each costume is made to breathe and designed to cool the more you sweat. The material around the head and neck can also be submerged in ice water and retain the cool temperature for the length of the run. However, the elements plus the weight of the suit means you are going to sweat, a lot.

If you are not used to much physical exercise, are prone to dehydration or refuse to hydrate between sets, or are not use to the idea of sweating, then this is not for you. We provide cold water between sets and it is essential to rehydrate during breaks. You are responsible for your own food. Your body uses different muscles then it would for most other activities and they can be quite sore for the first few days, always be sure to stretch. You may also experience some bruising or blisters during the first week as your body gets used to carrying the weight of the costume.

The costumes fit fairly tight on the body and may feel too tight to those who are claustrophobic. Most events require travel and though there is usually not much time on site, down time at the hotel may drag on and feel boring if not properly managed. Some younger patrons or older inebriated guests may become over excitedly and accidentally be too rough with a part of the costume resulting in discomfort and annoyance. The job can be physically and mentally exhausting for the wrong person.

• Location: 1400 W 2nd Ave, Indianola, IA 50125, Des Moines

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